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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Just Breathe

I had been breathing from my upper chest for most of my life due to stress and anxiety until I started working with a breath coach several years ago. The experience helped to transform my life by unlocking the tension in my chest and throat area. I literally felt out of breath and choked up all of the time. I felt this way because I was not getting enough oxygen in my body.

Our breath is the only system in our body that can be either voluntary or involuntary. When we breath unconsciously it can create holding patterns like my shallow breathing due to stress. This directly affects our nervous system and keeps us in a place of "fight or flight." When we take the time to be still and focus on the breath, we breathe consciously releasing the holding patterns. Not only does breathwork release deep stress patterns in the body, it oxygenates the body and balances the left and right brain.

There are many different breathwork techniques, but in this post, I am going to focus on deep breathing. The first step is to gain an awareness that our breath has a major impact on our well being. Many of us suppress large amounts of emotional, physical, and mental pain. Taking some nice deep breaths throughout the day can help to detoxify the system and release the stored "pain." Also, a nice deep breath can help you to relax and decompress.

The second step is to breathe in through the nose, bring your breath into your abdomen, expand the belly out, and then let is soften on the exhale. Expanding the lungs into the lower abdomen allows the body to get much more oxygen compared to shallow upper chest breathing. It is also important to get away from environmental toxins such as vehicle emissions, stale indoor air, outdoor pollution, etc and get out in nature near some trees to breathe in fresh air.

Remember to BREATHE!

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