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Monday, April 1, 2013

Lemons and Limes to Detox

Like many others in our modern world, I have been struggling with some health conditions such as chronic fatigue, weight gain, hypothyroidism, allergies, and acne. Consequently, I have made the decision to move away from the Standard American Diet (SAD) towards more whole foods (unprocessed and unrefined) because the SAD diet really makes people sick and sad!

I'll admit, the process of eliminating some of my favorite unhealthy comfort foods has been challenging, but the cleaner I eat, the better I feel. Now instead of craving a donut, I crave fruits and vegetables.

In order to remove the toxins that have accumulated in my body from the JUNK I have been putting in it, my body must go through a detoxification process. There are many ways to cleanse the body, and I have mentioned some ways in my earlier posts such as dry brushing, rebounding, and juicing.

In this post, I want to share a list of 10 AMAZING healing benefits of drinking luke warm lemon or lime water:

1. Weight Loss. Citrus water curbs the appetite.
2. Better Digestion. Lemons and limes are high in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that help to loosen toxins in the digestive tract.
3. Controls High Blood Pressure. Lemons are high in potassium, which works with sodium to help regulate blood pressure.
4. Balance pH. Though the juice of citrus fruits are acidic in nature, they become alkaline in the body.
5. Purifies and Stimulates the Liver. The liver is a filter in the body and can become over taxed with pollutants and chemicals. Citrus water helps to clean out and support the liver in addition to the blood and all bodily tissues.
6. Natural Diuretic. Flushes out water retention by increasing urination, thereby eliminating toxins at a faster rate.
7. Reduces Mucus in the Body. Lemons and limes contain high levels of antioxidants that help the body dissolve mucus, which can then be eliminated from the body as waste.
8. Radiant Skin. High in vitamin C, which helps decrease wrinkles and blemishes.
9. Better Breathing. The vitamins and nutrients found in the citrus fruits help with the symptoms of the common cold or flu, including cough and sore throat.
10. Anti-Inflammatory. Since lemons and limes become alkaline in the body, it helps to reduce inflammation (the cause of disease).

So lemons or limes? Both citrus fruits have similar nutritional profiles, with lemon having a slightly higher content of vitamins. If you get tired of lemons, try limes as they have a refreshing tropical flavor. Listen to your body, it always knows best :)

The recipe is simple: Just add the juice of 1/2 lemon or lime to 8oz of luke warm water and drink in the morning and evening. It is best to squeeze the juice in the water rather than letting a slice of lemon or lime float in the water due to pesticides or chemical residues the can be absorbed from the rind of the fruit.

How long should you do a lemon or lime detox? Well that is up to you. I'm a big believer in listening to your body and following your intuition. Drinking lemon or lime water has become part of my daily routine, and I crave it if I miss a day.

While the components of a lemon or lime detox are natural and safe, always consult a healthcare professional to make sure you are not suffering from a more serious underlying condition. Also, it is important to ease yourself in and out of the detoxification process by not making any extreme changes to your diet without supervision. Dr. Joseph Mercola does not encourage any kind of detox unless you are in good health and following a healthy lifestyle because it can make you ill and put more stress on the liver. Unfortunately, a large portion of our food supply is genetically modified and full of chemicals so be gentle with yourself, seek professional support, and follow your intuition when planning a detox program.

Cheers to Good Health!

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  2. Thanks for sharing those info! Let me just add that while limes and lemons naturally help in cleansing our bodies, the no. 1 key to detoxification goes to the water we drink. As we know, detoxifying is basically cleaning our bodies from all the impurities. And since majority of our body is made of water, it only makes sense that water plays an essential role in carrying out waste and toxins.

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