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Monday, May 20, 2013

Healing Eczema With Fruits and Vegetables

This post is dedicated to my daughter, Abigail who was recently called out in her 5th grade class for eating a bowl of strawberries and raspberries for breakfast during state testing week. The teacher had the students sit in a circle and posed the question of the day. This particular day the question was, "What did you eat for breakfast?" When it was my daughters turn, she said, "I had a bowl of strawberries and raspberries." The teacher proceeded to say that she will need to call some of the parents regarding food choices for breakfast, including Abigail. "You need to eat protein for breakfast in order to test better," the teacher said. My daughter then asked, "What is protein?" The teacher replied, "Meat, dairy or nuts." My daughter said that she was not eating so much of that right now because she is trying to heal her body of eczema and allergies. The teacher repeated that she needed to eat protein for breakfast.

Needless to say when I heard this, the Gemini in me reared its feisty twin. I asked my daughter how she wanted to handle it and she said, "We should let it go, she doesn't know any better." The more I thought about it though, the more I felt I needed to speak my truth, so I emailed the teacher. I simply said thanks for the suggestion but no thanks. Abigail needs to do what is best for her body right now. Everyone is different and what may work for one person may not work for another. Right now, Abigail is feeling so much better after eating mostly fruits and vegetables. The clean unprocessed foods are allowing her body to detox so her body can heal. Her skin is clearing up and her energy levels are increasing. You see, Abigail has suffered from severe eczema and skin conditions for most of her life. She finally came to a breaking point where she was sick of being sick and tired.

So how does a kid growing up around the Standard American Diet (SAD) start to eat more fruits and vegetables. Well I have been doing some hard core detoxing for the last six months due to my own health issues, and she has witnessed changes in me. So she was willing to drink one green/fruit juice per day. At first, she could barely get the juice down. Then about a week or so later, she was naturally eating more fruits and vegetables on her own without me nagging her. No one likes to be pushed into a corner. Abigail needed to be in a place where she was ready to take responsibility for her health. Now, she is discovering that the more fruits and vegetables she eats, the more she craves and the better she feels.

It is important that we allow others to choose their way of life and beliefs. Some people eat dairy, some eat meat, some are vegan or vegetarian, others eat 100% raw food, but the fact remains that we are all at different places on our journey. No one is better and no one is right or wrong, in my opinion. That is why it is so important to learn to trust our inner compass about which direction we should be traveling. I just read an inspiring article about a young lady who was a vegetarian and vegan for most of her life but for various reasons started to temporarily eat meat to heal her body. The point is, Abigail's experience with her teacher was a beautiful lesson in STAYING TRUE TO YOURSELF even when the outer world does not reflect your INNER WISDOM.

So Much Love,

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