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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Say No To GMO

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, which basically means the cells DNA has been altered. What does this mean exactly? Genes from another animal, plant, bacterium, or virus are inserted into a different organism thereby altering the genetic code. This is done for various reasons such as to create a longer shelf life for food, so plants can resist weed killers (harmful chemicals), and so plants can produce their own pesticides.

Let's just think about this for one minute!!! We all know pesticides are harmful and must be washed off our food. Why would we then want to consume food that is genetically modified to CONTAIN (can't be washed off) a pesticide? And we wonder why there are so many who suffer from allergies and auto immune dis-eases. Our food supply is being altered so rapidly that our bodies have not evolved to a place where GMO food is recognized. Consequently, our bodies see GMO food as foreign invaders.

Proponents of GMO food will argue that consumption of genetically modified food is perfectly safe. MONSANTO is a chemical company that is at the heart of the matter. MONSANTO engineers genetically-modified seeds that are sold all over the world. The seeds are designed to improve crop yields in order to produce more food. Many worry however, that GMO's cause cancer and other severe health problems. In fact, on May 25, 2013 there was a world wide MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO.

What can we do collectively?

We can learn more about GMOs by visiting

Stop buying GMOs. Companies will stop using them when consumers no longer purchase their products.

Support our local organic farmers

Plant a garden with heirloom seeds

Eat wild edibles

Plant a herb garden with heirloom seeds

Grow edible school gardens

Sprout seeds inside of our homes

Organize a community garden

Ask our local supermarkets to carry GMO verified foods

Envision our food supply already being yummy, safe, and nutritious (OUR MINDS ARE SO POWERFUL). We want to focus on what we want, not on what we don't want :)

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