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Monday, May 6, 2013

Space Clearing With Tingsha Bells

Have you ever walked into a space and felt peaceful and welcomed? Other times, you wanted to get the hell out of there? Do you come home from work feeling lethargic and uninspired? It could be the energy in the space. Every thought and emotion creates the type of energy that permeates an area. If we are in a negative environment, our own energy system will absorb it into our own. Energy can build up anywhere over time including our bodies if left uncleared.

We ALL have the ability to sense and clear energy because we are made of energy. Everything within our Universe whether you can see it or not is made up from, and held together with energy. The bed you sleep in, the thoughts you think, your emotions, the music you listen to, your car is made up of minute particles that vibrate at specific frequencies. The slower the vibration, the more dense the matter appears such as a table. The higher the vibration, the less solid, such as sound and light. That is why it is really important to perform regular space clearings to clear out old stagnant energy to make way for new vibrant energy, and sound can be used to fine tune your vibration and the environment in which you live.

There are many space clearing techniques and rituals to learn from. In this post, I will be discussing space clearing with tingsha bells. Tingsha or Ting-Sha (Tibetan Chimes) are two metal cymbals attached with a leather cord used in Tibetan Buddist Rituals. They are popular in many cultures today for yoga, meditation, healing, and space clearing. When the pieces strike each other, they produce a pure cleansing sound that can clear low vibrational energy or some may say negative energy.

How are tingshas played? To produce a harmonious sound, grasp each cymbal by the cord near the tingsha. Hold firmly at about 90 degrees to each other and then strike the edges together. Allow the tingsha to ring until silent. A quality pair of tingsha bells have a high vibration that can dispel dense energies and are a wonderful tool to bring clarity and peace to any space.

This is a great tool to use especially if you don't like to smudge your home or space due to a sensitivity to smoke or sage. Before cleansing the energy in your home, clear the clutter first. Get rid of anything that is broken, chipped or no longer resonates with you. Be present and be mindful while you are sorting through stuff. If any emotions surface, spend some time with them in order to heal and grow. Breathe to release any energetic stirrings that no longer serve you.

The following is a list of reasons to do a space clearing:

Moving into a new home or work space. The space will carry residual energy from the previous occupants.

After leaving a home or work space. This will help prepare and clean the space for the new occupants.

After someone has died in the space. A space clearing will help to remove emotional residue.

After an illness. Wash all bedding and clean the space thoroughly. Open windows if possible to refresh the space.

To create a peaceful sanctuary. Creating a sacred space in your home can help manifest your true desires.

When you bring used items into your home. All objects contain energetic imprints of the previous owner's. ALWAYS clear a used object when bringing it into your space or life.

After an argument. A space clearing will lift the vibration of the space.

Just Because. If the energy in your space feels funky or you intuitively think you should do a clearing, do it!

Only perform a space clearing ritual when you are strong energetically. DO NOT clear a space when you are tired or in a negative place with your thoughts. Also, NEVER perform a clearing when you are under the influence of drugs, including alcohol. This weakens your energetic fields and makes you vulnerable to energetic attachments. It is also best when no one else is home unless they are assisting with the clearing. Before performing any kind of space clearing, it is important to do the following:

Ground and protect yourself with white light. There are many ways to create energetic boundaries and do what feels right to you. To ground myself, I will slow my breathing and bring attention to my feet where I will send energy from my root chakra (located at the base of the spine) deep into the earth anchoring myself in. I will center myself by bringing/visualizing white Divine light into my heart chakra (located between the breasts) and allowing the light to fill my entire body. I will then claim that I am safe by stating that "I am protected." I also always call in Archangel Michael to assist with any energetic clearings. You will discover your own ritual. There is no right or wrong way, just a clear intention and faith.

Create a special space or altar. I often light a beeswax candle during my cleansing rituals. Some people create a sacred altar with special items on it that bring comfort and joy such as holy water, crystals, prayer beads, earth stones, spray mist with essential oils, fresh flowers, etc.

Set a clear intention. In your mind or out loud, state your reason for clearing the space. I often say a prayer to Source or God. For example, "Dear God, please cleanse, heal, shield, and protect me, all of my family members, and our home from any negative energies that do not serve our highest good. And so it is." You could simply state, "I would like to bring happiness into this space." We all come from the same Source but have different religious/spiritual beliefs, so do and say what feels right to you :)

Use the tingsha bells to clear your space. You will be walking inside your entire home, including bathrooms, and closets. I start at the entrance, open windows if possible and move along each wall until I end back at the main entrance. If there are multiple levels, I start at the bottom and work my way up. I ring the bells along the walls and in all four corners until I feel the energy shift. It will feel lighter and your intuition will guide the process. You may need to repeat the process until you feel that the space is cleared.

End with a prayer. I always say a prayer of gratitude for the help received during the space clearing.

Peace and Calm,

Disclaimer: Products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition please consult your physician before using any suggested products.


  1. Thanks for share, I really appreciate it!

  2. Thanks Jan.. I was drawn to your page and your wisdom led me to stay for a while. I just got my first set and can't wait to feel what happens. -LL

  3. Your welcome Gracie! Thank you for checking out the blog. I hope you were able to find some useful information. Much Love

  4. I have been afflicted with a very nasty medical conditiion that that is causing me me to lose my sight.I am hoping my cymbols may clear any negative energy that may be associated

  5. Raewyn, I am so sorry to hear about your medical condition. Hope the cymbols help to shift the energy in your surroundings. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Much Love, Jan

  6. Are there essential oils or essential oil blends that can assist with "Space Clearing"? I usually use "White Angelica" to shield my aura when I am out in public and help with my social anxiety! Any suggestions or advice are appreciated ;)

    1. Hi Robert! Aromatherapy is such a personal experience. What smells pleasant to one may not be agreeable with another. Having said that, my favorite essential oil blend for cleansing a space is Purification. For dense energies in a home, I would diffuse frankincense or burn frankincense resin. I feel you on the social anxiety stuff. I can only take so much stimulation before I need to retreat and decompress in nature or somewhere quiet. I ground, shield, and protect myself every day due to my sensitive nature. Essential oils are one of the ways that I ground myself. I use to see my sensitivity as a curse, but now realize it is my greatest strength! When I "shield" myself, I visualize my body and aura being filled with Divine white light. I say a prayer that anything that enters my aura will be transmuted by the light to serve the highest good of myself and others. This way I am not "resisting" the world around me. There are times when I expand my aura and other times when I contract it closer to my body depending upon what is going on around me. Sometimes I feel expansive, other times, I don't. I try to honor how I am feeling and trust that it is the right thing to do. I hope that helps ;) Many blessings!

    2. When you use the Purification blend for "cleansing a space" does it also help with internal negativity and from others around you? I find that the "White Angelica "oil blend seems to shield my aura (Probably From the Myrrh essential oil ;) from internal/external negativity, especially if there is arguing or other toxic emotions that are around me !! I seem to be less drained or anxious after these situations and most of the time I walk away unscathed :)

      I am definitely going to try the "White Light " procedure that you listed above, it would be nice to add another weapon to my healing toolbox :) Which blends/oils do you use to ground yourself? I simply love Sacred Mountain for strength and Clarity blend for focus while stressed/anxious! I love the smell of the Believe blend, but according to the Essential guide to essential oils (Connie Higley) the "Coriander " essential oil can stupify in large doses?! Do you know how much Coriander is in the "Believe" blend or if I should be concerned about it at all? Thank you in advance ;)

    3. I use the Purification blend more for neutralizing odors, as an insect repellant, and for insect bites. It also works great on my daughter's canker sores. In terms of helping with negativity, I'm excited to try "White Angelica" after your comments. Love the name! Don't you find that you gravitate towards certain blends based on the name?

      Right now, I'm using a lot of Frankincense. The sweet and balsamic aroma feels very comforting and grounding to me. I love Sacred Mountain as well! Have you tried "Grounding?" I don't know how much Coriander is in "Believe". I personally wouldn't worry about the dosage in the blend. Thank you Robert for sharing your experiences and knowledge!

    4. I tend to gravitate more towards blends based on their names! I believe that this is in part to the "Name" of the blend conveying what you need or want more of in your life ;) For instance if you are depressed you are going to need more "Joy" in your life and if you are disappointed with the way life is going you might need more "Gratitude" to mindfully appreciate all the grandeur life has to offer (this can be a tough thing to do when you live with a chronic illness ;) !

      Since we are both fans of the "Sacred Mountain" for it's grounding and strengthening effect, I think you will love the "White Angelica" blend. The White Angelica blend goes one step beyond Sacred Mountain by keeping the positive energy in the aura but protecting you from internal or external negativity! It has a "Shielding "effect which is very comforting and protects you from people who are energy vampires or have negative intentions toward your wellbeing ;) Which blends do you usually use for sleep/insomnia? The peace and calming blend doesn't work very well for me when I have insomnia. Believe it or not the "Aroma Siez" blend helps lull me to sleep better than most blends that I have tried so far ;) Which blends would you suggest for Anxiety/Social Anxiety?

    5. I would love to hear your insights on my previous post ;)

    6. Hi Robert! I emailed you a response through gmail. Let me know if you didn't get it, and I will post it here :)

    7. Hi Robert! Sometimes I just automatically respond to comments through gmail rather than clicking over to my blog. Oops! I just received White Angelica in the mail but haven't tried it yet as I would like to get some photos first. The only blend that I use at night thus far is Peace & Calming. I can see how the Aroma Siez would help you sleep at night. I also find it very soothing and relaxing when my muscles are inflamed and tight. I use Lavender and Cedarwood to wind down at night as well. I've been sleeping much better lately after taking Kavinace Ultra PM by NeuroScience which contains melatonin. My sister's naturopath recommended it to her, and it works wonders for us! It is also recommended for stress and anxiousness. I purchased a bottle from I tried straight melatonin but it did not help at all, although this formula has been helping tremendously. I ease into a deep sleep and wake up feeling rested. I also have vivid dreams while taking the supplements. In terms of blends for social anxiety, I love Stress Away! The unique smell of vanilla and lime with the other essential oils puts me in a blissful mood :)

    8. I forget to mention that I also use Young Living "Relaxation Massage Oil" at night sometimes, as well as a daily moisturizer. The massage oil contains vegetable oils and soothing essential oils such as tangerine, peppermint, lavender, spearmint, ylang yang, coriander, bergamot, and geranium for maximum stress relief. The aroma invokes inner and outer tranquility for me.

  7. Dear Jan!

    I ordered my first Tingsha bells and Googled how to use them exactly. Your blog was the second after Wikipedia and I´d like to thank You for simple reading. Now I am more educated about how to start and end this cleaning ritual.

    With appreciation from Estonia,
    Helena Talihärm