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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Be You

What brings you joy? What does your heart truly desire? What would you do for free? I love to research. I love to write. I love to share information that may help others. I enjoy figuring out ways to simplify my life as much as possible in order to have more time to do the things that feed my soul such as being out in nature.

Sometimes it is good to take inventory of our lives to see what we have learned and grown from. It is also beneficial to see if there are any life patterns that aren't serving our highest good. It is so easy to get caught up in the rush or routine of life that we forget to focus on the things that really make our heart sing. When we prioritize and spend more time on the things that bring us joy, we are closer to our true calling.

In order to take stock of our lives, it is necessary to clear the clutter. Our home and work environments affect our well-being on many levels. Physical and energetic clutter can drag our energy levels down and stifle our creative flow. Is there anything you need to release that is no longer serving you? Taking the time to sort through stuff that can be donated, recycled or discarded can be extremely healing. The process helps us to gain clarity about our lives and will allow space for new opportunities.

The secret to discovering the "real you" is to simply follow your heart. What feels good? What doesn't feel good? Experiencing something that doesn't feel good shows us very clearly what direction we should be heading- and that is in a different direction! For example, if you really dislike your job, that is a very clear indication that you should start planning for a different one. Turn your passion into a career and start enjoying life rather than suffering through it. When we are being true to ourselves, it gives others permission to do the same.

Think BIG about yourself! We are eternal beings with so much POWER and possibilities. We have access to an infinite source of Divine love, light, and wisdom. What is the point of being small? Connect with your Divine self and be what you are. You have every right to BE YOU!

Let There Be Love!

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