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Monday, June 3, 2013

Natural Car Freshener

Most of us spend quite a bit of time in our vehicles and let's face it, sometimes our vehicles get smelly. A common practice is to grab one of those tree air freshener's and call it good. Have you ever wondered though what kind of toxins are in those car deodorizers? I'm so sensitive that they always give me a headache right away.

The best way to air out your vehicle is to keep it clean and open the windows. I live in the Pacific Northwest and cannot keep my windows cracked in the winter due to all of the moisture, so I use essential oils. It is so easy to make your own natural car freshener out of paper board or wool felt. Another trick I use is to apply essential oils to a fabric handkerchief and then place it somewhere in my car. It can be washed and used over and over.

Below are instructions on how to make a natural car freshener with an affirmation written on it:

1. Cut it out. Cut a simple shape out of wool felt or paper board. Punch a hole at top and thread a piece of twine through hole and tie into a loop.

2. Infuse it. Drop 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil on the shape. My favorite for my car is peppermint and rosemary. Let it dry before writing on it.

3. Write affirmation on shape. Make it personal. Make it positive. Use present tense statements. Keep it simple. Repeat it to yourself often.

4. Place freshener in vehicle. Tie freshener in a place where it will not obstruct your view.

5. Reapply essential oil when desired or needed.

To A Nice Smelling Car!

Disclaimer: There are some essential oils that should not be used during pregnancy. Please consult an aromatherapist if you have any concerns.

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