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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spider Wisdom


This beautiful spider with turquoise eyes meandered fearlessly throughout my home all day. When I first spotted it, I felt a bit uncomfortable, afraid of it actually. It is interesting how something so small can ignite so much fear. The more I observed it though, the more this tiny creature taught me and my cats some lessons.

I learned that the spider is so strong and courageous yet fragile. I could have smashed it at any time, but the spider seemed quite content to just explore regardless of my presence. It appeared so agile as it travelled all over the walls and propelled up and down on silk threads. I noticed that this black creation has 8 legs and the body is shaped like an 8 symbolizing infinity. At the end of the day, the spider curled up in the corner of a sunny window and just relaxed. Spider was so busy all day but then took some time to rest.

Spider's message was that we are infinite beings with infinite possibilities. There is not one way to do anything. There is not one superior religion, one superior race, one superior career or one superior culture; for we are all a unique expression of the same Source. We are all playing a vital role in the Universal web of life. Spider encourages us to use our creativity and weave our dreams into reality. When spider appears in our lives it is a good omen for creative pursuits!

In color psychology, turquoise helps to heal the emotions thus creating emotional balance and stability. When I looked into the turquoise eyes of the spider through my camera lens, I felt only peace and love. After spider was done with her message, I gently placed her outside among the flowers. For she was not a harbinger of fear and danger but of great potential change.

Jake and Emma Curious About Spider

Jake Mesmerized By Spider

Peace and Love,

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