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Monday, July 22, 2013

Barefoot Days

I never realized how beneficial going barefoot was until I started studying holistic ways of living. GROUNDING or EARTHING has become quite popular in the natural healing community. To learn more about earthing and connecting with Earth's natural energy, click HERE.

Unfortunately, shoes weaken the muscles in our feet and ankles that can become atrophied over time, which can throw our body alignment off. Wearing rubber soled or plastic soled shoes also keeps us disconnected from earth. Making skin contact with earth has so many healing benefits. It can reduce inflammation, create better balance, strength, and greater circulation.

Walking barefoot is extremely grounding. The earth has a negative ionic charge and going barefoot helps to detoxify our bodies by reducing inflammation that is positively charged. It is the transfer of electrons that neutralize the free radicals or inflammation that can lead to dis-ease. It also stimulates reflexology points on the bottom of our feet that can lead to greater health by massaging the organs of our body.

Since moving to the High Desert, I have been barefoot most of the time. Consequently, I have experienced energetic benefits and feel very connected to Mother Earth. I also have a deep varicose vein, and my foot has been known to double in size in hot weather (it has been very hot where I live). Generally, I get regular acupuncture treatments that have helped tremendously, but since going barefoot, my foot looks like it does in the winter and that is slightly swollen. Going barefoot utilizes the muscles in my foot and helps to pump the blood through my veins back to my heart.

So right now during the summer months, I am going to take advantage of going barefoot because it is free and extremely healing and beneficial!

Happy Footprints :)

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