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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Inspire Me

Art Work in Tin Pan Alley ~ Bend, Oregon

I always try to keep my heart open to inspiration for it keeps me in alignment with my true purpose in life. When I feel joy or excitement about something, it inspires me to create my own canvas in this world. There are many things that inspire me. It may be a photograph, a poem, a smell, a person, a book, a thought, a place, a concept, a location, a song, a word, a sound, an animal, a color... There are infinite possibilities.

Crow Mural On Les Schwab Amphitheater ~ Bend, Oregon

When I'm aroused by something inspiring, it ignites something within me wanting to be expressed on a deep soul level. It shakes me up and gives me the strength and determination to step out of my comfort zone to try something new. As I've been out and about lately, I have captured photographs of some things that inspire me. I hope it inspires you to capture your own magic in the world. 

Repurposed Student Desks In Tin Pan Alley ~ Bend, Oregon

Embrace Your Creative Expression!

With Love, 

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