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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Brings Me Joy

Suttle Lake in Deschutes National Forest

Quite often, I will write in my journal about what my heart desires. It is a free flow of thoughts and words, no intellectualizing permitted :) I let my heart speak and allow my mind to rest. Below are some things that bring me joy:

The smell of juniper and sage after a rain storm

My freedom

The smell of palo santo

Dragon fruit

My family

New Mexico

Floating down rivers

The sound of Brandi Carlile's voice

The high desert

Recycled and repurposed items

Going out to eat

Jamin to Ed Sheeran

Wild mustangs

Veggie Pho

My paper shredder

Home grown fruits and vegetables

A good laugh where tears are running down my cheeks

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Essential oils

Crystals and stones

Studying human anatomy

Herbal remedies

Ghost towns

Sacred geometric architecture

Rustic cabins

My compost pile

The color of turquoise

My animal companions

Digging in the soil

A warm cozy bed

Researching interesting stuff

Sare Bareilles

Curling up with a book on a rainy day

Bend, Oregon



Hammock naps

My morning ritual


Navajo fry bread

Walking barefoot

Taking baths

Roasted acorn squash

Spending time in nature


Watching the sunset

Connecting with other kindred spirits

My levi's

Eating pomegranates during the Christmas holiday

Thrift stores

My sacred place

Snow storms

The smell of fresh crushed yucca root

Oracle cards

Sharing my experiences on my blog so that it may help others


What brings you joy?



  1. Hello, Jan. After reading your list of your favorite things, I grew curious about your occupation. Are you a writer, a businesswoman, or something? That's because you included a paper shredder in your list. Do you happen to have many papers at home? Well, life is truly easier when you have one. It also helps you reduce the amount of waste piled up in your home when you try to dispose of them all.

    Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management

  2. Hi Ruby. Thank you for your question! I have my BS in Business Management and am currently working in healthcare. I am a certified EMT who was recently going to school to become a paramedic when I made a major life decision to focus on wellness and prevention. So yes, to answer your question I would consider myself an entrepreneur and writer. In terms of my shredder, it is such a great way to "shred" the things in my life that no longer serve a purpose :)