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Monday, February 24, 2014

Healing Waters

Yesterday my family and I spent the day at Summer Lake Hot Springs. We have been really busy lately and decided to escape for a day and decompress in the rugged scenery of the American West.

Summer Lake is located approximately 2.5 hours southeast of Bend, Oregon in an area known as the Oregon Outback. It is part of the Great Basin region and home to rugged mountains, steep canyons, alkali lakes, and ancient hot mineral springs.

When we arrived at the hot springs, I was acutely aware of the silence and sacredness of the land. I felt like we were stepping back in time. As we approached the office to check in, there was some yummy smelling incense lingering in the air and a counter full of crystals to neutralize the energy that flows through every day.

The water in the bath house was perfect, not too hot. We also spent time soaking in the outdoor ponds that were warmer than the bath house. The mineral water at Summer Lake contains a high concentration of silica, which made our skin feel silky and smooth. After soaking for a couple of hours, we felt cleansed and relaxed.

Soaking in hot mineral springs has been used to treat dis-ease as well as muscle and joint pain since ancient times. A warm soak reduces stress, releases toxins, and relaxes muscles while our largest organ, the skin absorbs valuable nutrients.

What are your favorite hot springs?

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