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Monday, May 12, 2014

Moving Forward With Grace

This weekend was probably the most challenging and pivotal time in my life that will help me step onto the path that I was born to walk. I had quite a bit to figure out this weekend. People to see, issues to address and it could have gone one of two ways, volatile or gracefully. I'm happy to say that the last few days went exceptionally well.

We are each born with an innate purpose that can be discovered through our passion and interests. Although no experience is ever wasted, we often get influenced by others to make decisions that may not be the best choice. It takes courage and strength to stand by your truth and follow your heart. This often involves purification of people, places, and experiences that do not support your life purpose.

I had been vacillating about some important issues in my life for so long that it was to time to make a decision so I could move forward with a sense of power and conviction. After facing many fears head on, it is time to release the anxiety and tune into Spirit as to where to go from here. A huge THANK YOU to everyone that has been praying for me and my family!

To Fresh Starts!

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