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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Stillness Within

I have a concussion from a recent car crash, and it has been a fascinating experience thus far. I will be dedicating an entire post about this subject as my healing progresses. As for right now, my brain craves quiet and stillness. The body always knows how to heal itself with the right conditions.

Whenever I need to escape the noise and chaos of our modern world, I retreat to a place inside of me that is Divine and Trustworthy. It is a place where thoughts, ideas, visions, and feelings come streaming directly into my Being. This inner sanctuary resides in each and every one of us.

A wonderful technique that I use to access my inner calm is to create a sacred place in my mind. My mental sanctuary is located in nature, and I always return to the same spot because it feels familiar and safe. Your sacred place may be a special room or a location you love to visit. Choose a place that you feel connected to and comforted by.

It is here that I often rest. I also spend time with Source and my Higher Self. I pray, meditate, and listen to guidance. I ask for assistance in clearing my energetic body. I ground, heal, and protect myself with Divine Light. It is a fabulous place to hang out!

We all have the ability to connect with our Creator, all it requires is to believe and have faith. Trust yourself to do what feels right to you. We all come from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultural conditioning. There is no right or wrong way as we live in an infinite Universe with infinite possibilities.

Love and Light,

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