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Monday, October 27, 2014

Aroma Siez

I have been using Aroma Siez in conjunction with PanAway and Valor by Young Living for a head, neck, and back injury. Aroma Siez is a unique blend of anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxing essential oils that can help with tight, inflamed, and sore muscles by increasing circulation. This is definitely one of my favorite blends for aches and pains. It feels so invigorating, and I love the smell! Aroma Siez has a strong bold aroma. To me, when peppermint and basil are blended together, it smells like a fresh licorice root plant in addition to a hint of mint and spice from the marjoram. This blend feels amazing on tired legs and feet as well.

How To Use:

May dilute with a carrier oil to avoid any skin sensitivity

Apply several drops topically to sore muscles

Apply several drops to the back of neck for headaches

Apply 6-7 drops to your hand then apply to each foot

Add 5-10 drops to bath with 1/2 cup Epsom Salts and soak for at least 20 minutes

Aroma Siez Ingredients 

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) ~ Combats muscle spasms

Marjoram (Origanun majorana) ~ Relaxes tight muscles

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) ~ Relaxing & Calming

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) ~ Releases tension

Cyress (Cupresses sempervirens) ~ Improves circulation

If you are interested in trying Aroma Siez, click HERE.

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  1. If I was going to dilute Aroma Siez blend 50:50 in a 15ml bottle ... Could I add 25 drops of Copaiba or Frankincense essential oil? Which oil would be better suited? Would this enhance or hinder the Aroma Siez blend? I use the Aroma Siez blend quite frequently to relax tight spasmed Back/Neck muscles (chronic pain) and to help me sleep with my frequent bouts of Insomnia!! It has been my understanding that the Marjoram essential oil that is contained in the Aroma Siez blend can lower the sex drive...Is this true? Is this a permanent effect or it only lasts temporarily while using the Marjoram essential oil? Any additional advice you can give would be appreciated ;)

  2. Hi Robert! I'm so sorry to hear about your chronic pain and insomnia. I have been dealing with the same issues after sustaining injuries from a recent auto accident. What I have found useful thus far on my journey is massage, acupuncture, and craniosacral work in conjunction with essential oils. All of the different modalities have helped me to release "emotional pain" that was stuck in my tissue and cells. The craniosacral therapy in particular has been very helpful in relieving pain and helping me sleep. After every treatment, I come home and take a nap. I have not tried Copaiba yet. Let me know what you think if you blend it with Aroma Siez. If you are concerned about the marjoram, I would contact a qualified aromatherapist or someone that can muscle test you for any contraindications. You could try PanAway. This is a popular blend for muscle tension, and it does not contain marjoram. I really like it. Thank you for your great questions! It helps me to learn as well :)

    1. Hi Jan ;) As a fellow Chronic Pain sufferer, I am sorry to hear about your Auto accident which has been causing you undue stress and Pain!! I also received my injuries and chronic pain from an auto accident as well (I was rear-ended in my car at a red stop light by a tractor trailer going 55 mph.. and later received surgery which removed the lowest disc in my spine and implanted 8 titanium rods). Which essential oils/blends did you use to release "emotional pain" stuck in tissue and cells? I would HIGHLY recommend using Copaiba for Chronic Pain! I usually take the 'Copaiba" essential oil internally as described in the Morphine Bomb recipe 5 drops Balsam Fir, 5 Drops Frankincense, and 5 Drops Copaiba essential oil in a capsule filled with olive oil as a carrier ;) I usually mix the 3 essential oils in Equal amounts in a dropper bottle and add three drops of the Morphine Bomb recipe from the dropper bottle to a capsule filled with olive oil or add 1-2 drops under the tongue every 4 hrs or as needed for pain relief!! This works remarkably well for pain and inflammation, with no side effects that are usually attributed to over the counter anti-inflammatory medicines :) Are there other oils/blends or protocols that you used to lift your spirits, help you sleep or deal with anxieties while you were dealing with your chronic pain?? Thank you very much in advance ;)

  3. Oh my goodness Robert! Do you feel that the essential oils have helped your chronic pain from the accident more than other protocols? I've been wanting to try Copaiba. Thank you so much for sharing "The Morphine Bomb" recipe! I'm sure others with benefit from your suggestions as well. I feel that all therapeutic grade essential oils help to release "emotional pain" because they vibrate so high and seem to bring deep issues to the surface so healing can occur. I just ordered the "Feelings Kit" by Young Living and will let you know how that goes. Peace and Calm, Joy, and Stress Away (contains Copaida) always seem to lift my spirits. Peppermint, Lavender, and Rosemary help my headaches. To help me relax at night, I use Peace and Calm, Lavender, or Cedarwood. The one tried and true remedy for any stress in my life is to get out in nature. It always calms my nervous system and anxiety ;) Best wishes!

    1. Essential oils have been a miracle compared to other protocols !! The only other healing modality that was equal to the essential oils was Acupuncture with Craniosacral therapy ( I was lucky to find a Acupuncturist that also practiced Craniosacral therapy in the same visit). Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover Acupuncture visits and it became very expensive to receive treatment for extended periods of time.

      If you have any Inflammation or pain in your body, the "Morphine Bomb " recipe works Remarkably well ( I was taking 4 Advil every 4 hours for the pain and it barely reduced my pain levels) and has countless other benefits that are necessary to healing from chronic pain such as: Improved mood, boosting immune system (Frankincense) , reducing Anxiety (Frankincense ,Balsam Fir), Lowering Cortisol levels (Balsam Fir) and most importantly reducing Inflammation in the body with no side effects ;)

      I usually use the Aroma Siez blend at night to help with pain/tight muscles and help with relaxation/sleep, plus it smells amazing!! Basil and Lavender essential oils are also very good for nighttime relief for pain and spasmed muscles! I notice that my Anxiety levels are increased when I am in pain? Do you experience this or have you noticed this in others ? Which Blends/oils do you use for Anxiety ? Social Anxiety? Any advice or recommendations are always welcome to help me on my path of healing :)

    2. Yes, I definitely have increased anxiety levels when I'm in pain. Having worked in healthcare, I have noticed this in others as well. I also feel that anxiety can exacerbate or cause pain. When I'm stressed or anxious, certain areas of my body will try and communicate with me. I keep Inna Segal's book, "The Secret Language of Your Body" in my nightstand by my bed. It is an excellent reference book for digging deeper with physical and medical conditions.

      Thank you so much for sharing Robert! Your first hand experience is invaluable, and it is so encouraging to know that essential oils have had such a profound impact on your health and well-being. I generally use the Peace and Calm blend by Young Living when I'm feeling anxious. I absolutely love the smell and never get tired of it :) The more I experience the oils, the less products I need or use. Essential oils have simplified my life tremendously!

  4. I would like to have the recipe for aroma life blend.