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Monday, November 3, 2014

Thymus Thump

Long before I ever knew what a thymus was, I would rub or scratch the area of my body where it is located, especially if I was feeling stressed or nervous. The thymus gland is the main two-lobed organ of the lymphatic system that resides in the upper chest cavity behind the sternum. It helps supports the immune system by processing lymphocytes or T-cells, which are a type of white blood cell that fights infections in our body.

Years ago when I was working with a breath coach, I learned about the benefits of The Thymus Thump, also known as the happiness point. My primary physician who is trained in traditional and Chinese medicine just reminded me how helpful it is to tap this area. When we tap, thump or itch the thymus gland, it creates vibrations that stimulate the maturation and release of T-cells that regulate our immune system. It also helps to get the energy flowing in our body, thus increasing strength and vitality.

Western modern medicine did not recognize the importance of the thymus gland until fairly recently. Now it is becoming more well-known that the thymus gland plays a crucial role in developing a strong immune system that affects our overall well-being. Just by becoming aware of what an amazing organ this is, opens a door way to healing. Whenever I tap my thymus, I instantly feel more calm and balanced. To me, it feels so good and relaxing.

This is a wonderful exercise to get in touch with our body. The thymus gland is located between the throat chakra and heart chakra. I believe this is an energy center that has been shut down in many of us. The thymus gland is large at birth and continues to grow until adolescence, then it begins to shrink. Acute trauma, shock or stress can cause further shrinkage.

How To Thump The Thymus

1.  Locate your thymus in the center of your sternum. It may be beneficial for you to google an image of the thymus to get a good visual picture in your mind. This helps to develop a relationship/connection with different parts of our physical body.

2. Using your fingers or fist, firmly thump/tap on your thymus for as long as it feels good. Doing this for at least 15-20 seconds, 3 times per day is a great way to keep to your thymus stimulated as it can atrophy as we age or when we are under acute stress.

3. While thumping, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Inhale Divine white light for healing and exhale dense energies that no longer serve you.

4. For a quick jumpstart, you can do the "three thymus thump." Make a fist. Point your thumb towards your thymus and thump firmly three times.

5. Do it daily, and thump more frequently if you suffer from anxiety, low energy or if you feel a cold coming on.

True Healing Comes From Within!


Disclaimer: This energy technique is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a pacemaker or a medical condition please consult your physician before trying The Thymus Thump.

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