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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Let It Go

I've always been a purger and visionary. I often see and feel things before they happen. For instance, I packed up my parents garage one year before they moved. At the time, they had no inclination to sell their home and relocate anywhere. Thank you mom and dad for being patient with me all these years! Sometimes I get ahead of myself :)

Yes, there have been times when I've gotten rid of stuff and thought, "S#*@!, why did I do that!" When I was a teenager, I sold several antique dolls at a garage sale for hardly anything. Hope someone prospered from the real value of those dolls. It's all good! For the most part, there is a method to my madness. Every major shift in my life involved some sort of a release such as letting go of material objects, emotions, a relationship, a toxic thought, or a move to a new location.

When it comes to transforming our lives and living life to the fullest, it involves taking life bit by bit. Getting outside of our comfort zone. Big steps or little steps. Both are equally beneficial for it is movement towards a new opportunity. 

A great way to take a first step is to clean out your home and yard. If getting rid of stuff gives you heart palpitations, check into that feeling. What are you hanging onto in your life that no longer serves you? Choose an item in your home. Think about it or pick it up. Do you need it? Are there good feelings attached to it? If there are yucky feelings attached to it, a very healthy thing to do would be to give it up. Let it go!

So it's a new year, and I'm cleaning out drawers and getting rid of stuff that I no longer need. I had a funky 2014, and I'm ready for a new chapter. A fresh start. I have a new vision and feel change on the horizon. We live in a Universe where there are infinite possibilities. I say this all the time on my blog, but it's true. The one constant in the Universe is CHANGE.

When you find yourself thinking or saying, "Yeah, but it just isn't possible." Stop! Look! and Listen to what you are broadcasting out into the cosmos. We have been conditioned to be obedient complacent sheep, but it is time to WAKE UP! I have definitely seen my life shift by changing my thoughts. It's not always easy to change sabotaging thought patterns, but like all new things, it takes some practice. I know I'll be practicing until I take my last breath. Instead, focus and imagine yourself doing and living in a way that brings you joy.

That is why it is so important to heal ourselves, shine bright, and serve in ways that feels right and good. Take a break from the TV and see how you feel. Ralph Smart does a great job of reminding us that the Television "TELLS LIES TO OUR VISION." Be aware of how the news spreads fear and pits everyone against each other. Fear perpetuates fear. Love conquers all. The pendulum is swinging the other way. Competition is the old way. Cooperation is the new way. We must stand together and support each other!

Remember, we came into this world with nothing and exit with nothing except for our experiences. Why hang onto stuff that clutters up our lives and keeps us stuck? Once you start clearing out rooms, you will be amazing at how much better you feel. If you have an extra room filled with stuff, clear it out and make space for a guest room for loved ones or create a sacred space. A special place where you can nurture your creativity. LET GO and LET LIVE! Below are some suggestions when cleaning out your home/yard:

Turn on your favorite music before clearing your clutter. If the task feels daunting start small such as a drawer or a small section of your yard.

Go through old files and paperwork. Then have a burn ceremony or shred it. Tax season is the perfect time to tackle this!

Donate items and get a tax break. Donating benefits all parties.

Give things away to people that would really enjoy or benefit from the item. My sister just gave me a hand-me-down. A warm and comfy robe. Thanks sis!

Get cash or a store credit for used books at participating book stores. Become part of a book exchange program.

Burn some sage while you are going through stuff. It will assist you in releasing items.

Diffuse essential oils while you are clearing. Essential oils have an extremely high vibration.

Have a garage sale.

Bring in some fresh flowers to uplift your spirit.

Light some candles. Sustainable beeswax candles are extremely beneficial for clearing out toxic energy in a home.

Have a "Clear The Clutter" party. Invite friends over to help and for moral support when things get emotional.
Much Love,

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