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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Today is my sister's birthday, and she is the only person in this lifetime that called me by my middle name, Frances. I was named after my paternal grandmother, and the meaning of the name Frances means 'free or free one.'

My sister Kimmy committed suicide several years ago, but her spirit lives on. On her special day, I'm reminded to sing and laugh. I have fond memories of driving around with my sisters where we would sing together to the songs on the radio. It didn't matter if we sang off-key or stumbled over the lyrics, it just felt good to sing for the joy of it. These moments were full of laughter.

Life can get chaotic and heavy at times. Having spent most of my life in fear and from a place of lack, I'm finding that surrendering to what is, actually allows space for things to fall into place. When fear pokes its head out or I'm being tested, I remind myself to chill out. Feel the emotion and then trust that "this too shall pass." Having gratitude for all the good things in life always helps me work through intense emotions.

Whatever you are going through, good, bad, or ugly, hang in there! Trust. Have faith in the experience. Rejoice in the lessons learned. Love yourself unconditionally right where you are at. You are perfect just as you are. Have compassion. Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself permission to feel shitty. Laugh. Cry. Scream if you want to. Let it go. Breathe. You are so special and important. You are me and I am you. We are eternal energetic beings having a human experience. Why not make the most of our time spent here?

On my walk today, I sat down on the bank of the river and hung out with the ducks. My sister loved to be out in nature and observe. The ducks were just going with the flow. Not a care in the world. There was a peace and calm about their essence that demonstrated to me that sometimes it's ok to let go of the edge and just float down the river. You never know what opportunities are waiting down stream.

Free To Just Be,

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