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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wind Energy

I've always been fascinated with old wind mills. When the wind flows through the blades of an old windmill, it spins a crank shaft that is connected to a vertical pump rod and water pump. The kinetic energy of the wind keeps the blades moving continuously, which pushes the piston of the water pump up and down as it draws up water from underground. Such simplicity of design, yet produces clean energy. What a concept! Modern wind turbines are more complex but based on the same concept.

Not all areas are conducive to wind turbines and not everyone thinks that they are desirable to look at or safe for wild habitat, but wind energy is one of the fastest growing source of power for generating electricity and for pumping water worldwide.

These photographs were taken in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon. The gorge is a National Scenic Area and one of my favorite places to hang out. It is well known for its high winds and popular with wind surfers. Just outside the scenic area, wind turbines dot the landscape.

To A Renewable Future!



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