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Thursday, August 6, 2015

An Extraordinary Life

Flathead Lake Cherries, Montana

Years ago, I had an extremely vivid dream about an outhouse. As I entered the wooden structure, there was sh@! everywhere. Smeared on the walls and ankle deep. The smell was intolerable. Putrid and suffocating. In the midst of the brown muck were large shiny red cherries.

This dream left me perplexed for years. I just couldn't figure it out. Probably because I was in a dark place. Unable to see the simplicity of the message. Then one day while perusing self-help books in a book store, I came across a box of color cards by Inna Segal. The first card I pulled was bright red cherries. Instantly, the outhouse dream entered into my consciousness. I got it! I could choose to be negative and cynical about life or embrace the sweetness life has to offer. It was my choice.

The truth is, since that epiphany, I still have good days and sh@!!# days. Sometimes I'm patient and kind. Sometimes not. Sometimes I swear a lot. Sometimes not. Sometimes I'm so full of gratitude that I cry tears of joy. Sometimes, I'm like WTF?! The difference is that I've grown and healed enough to know that life is precious. We all have painful parts of ourselves that we keep hidden. However these tabu thoughts, emotions, and experiences contain valuable lessons. When we get honest with ourselves and others, the truth sets us free.

I have come to the realization that life is messy. So what. It can be painful, ugly and beautiful all at the same time. Be extraordinary. Take risks. Follow your heart. Be brave. Don't look to others for approval. Trust yourself to know what is best for you. Claim your power. There is no such thing as failure. Speak your truth. Give and receive with grace. Forgive. Get to know yourself. Dig deep. Embrace your shadow side. Apologize. Let things go. Give yourself a break. Accept yourself right where you are at. Love deeply. Focus on what you desire, not what you fear. Have faith. Never stop learning. Be open to new experiences and perspectives. Live your life to the fullest so when you leave this place, you know you gave it your best!


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