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Friday, September 25, 2015

Pink Dahlias

I recently spent the night at my parents home and these dazzling pink dahlias reside in the front yard. Their presence commands attention and affection.

These elegant ladies stand tall with dignity, grace, and diversity. The dahlia takes a myriad of shapes, colors, and sizes. They bloom for extended periods of time and are stunning in the autumn garden.

Not only are dahlias confident and strong, they have a softer side that exudes nurturing, compassion, and hope. My mom placed some flowers in vases around her home, and they beckoned me each time I passed by. Extending a gentle loving energy.

The soft pink ray of light has a soothing vibration. It's all about unconditional love, non-judgement, and letting our inner beauty shine. We are inundated by the media about how we should look on the outside, but true beauty radiates from within.

Pink is a great color for opening the heart chakra and attracting romance in our lives. It's also an excellent color ray to use when releasing emotional wounds that supports the highest good for everyone concerned. The energy nudges us to live from the heart and soul while honoring the intellect. A balance between the mind and heart. 

Best wishes for a fabulous weekend!

Much Love, 

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