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Friday, October 23, 2015


Yesterday in my frantic quest to hike a volcanic butte to shoot a photo of another butte while the morning glow was just right, I came face to face with this desert coyote. As I was hiking up the cinder cone, this magnificent creature crossed my path just a few feet in front of me, stopped at the edge of the ridge, turned around and made eye contact with me. It was a glorious moment. Just coyote and me.

We spiraled up the butte together like old friends. Conversing and listening. Coyote had a message to impart, one of death and rebirth. Recognizing the end of a phase. It's time to seek out new pathways while climbing high vistas to get a clear view in every direction. Gaining clarity with a carefully chosen path. A positive sign that my intuition will guide me in the right direction. In turn, a promise to myself to embrace all of the synchronicities and gifts life has to offer. This "chance meeting" with coyote was no coincidence. Just a magical moment. Answered prayers really.

Coyote Love,

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