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Friday, October 2, 2015


Some days are just too noisy in the city. The zoom zoom of cars. Sirens heard throughout the valley. People rushing rushing to get things done as if there is no tomorrow. Always rushing. Lost in thought, looking straight ahead, and unable to see the peripheral.

I crave a slower pace of life. One where I'm not hurried along so much. I want to stop and smell the sage. Watch the Red-Tailed Hawk as it soars high above gaining a greater perspective. Spend time sitting on the soft desert soil conversing with the wind. These moments are held sacred in my Being.

These days when I'm feeling out of place and overwhelmed. My heart aches for the sagelands. Where the mustangs run wild and free. This is my paradise. A quiet oasis where I can feel my breath and allow my body to relax. A safe haven where I can check-in with my soul and let my heart open. Full and wide.

It is here among the sage, scrub, and grass where I love to capture the inconspicuous with my camera. The subtle beauty that one would miss if not paying attention. The soft golden natural hues among a diverse ecosystem that is strong and resilient in the rugged terrain of the high desert.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

With Love,

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