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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lava Lands

Thousands of years ago, lava spewed from a cinder cone and rivers of fire crept down into the surrounding Ponderosa Pine forest creating a new terrain. Born of fire, this area holds an energetic frequency that is peaceful and calm. There is not much fauna or flora in these molten ruins. Those that do survive in this harsh place are clever and strong. The rainbow, a powerful sign from Spirit to follow our hearts desire and intuition, with promises of abundance and fulfillment at the end.

The Lava Lands Visitor Center is located on the eastern edge of the Cascade Range right off of US Highway 97 between Bend, Oregon and Sunriver, Oregon. This special place is a must-see while visiting Central Oregon. Lava River Cave, which is the longest lava tube in Oregon is just 1/4 mile away. Driving by Lava Butte and the rocky scenery does not do the attraction justice, one must touch the earth to feel the sacred essence.

The rangers at the visitor center/gift shop are very knowledgable about the volcanic history in Central Oregon. The daily parking fee is $5 per vehicle from May 1 through October 11. Parking is free with a Northwest Recreation Pass. You can walk through the Trail of Molten Lands, the Trail of Whispering Pine or take a shuttle to the top of Lava Butte where there is a lookout/visitor center.

I personally enjoy visiting the area during the off season. It's quite and tranquil. Also, there are no cars on the narrow road that spirals up to the volcanic vent, so it's a great opportunity to walk or bike up safely. The 360 degree panoramic view is spectacular! In fact, the most fires have been spotted from Lava Butte than any other lookout in Deschutes county.

Walking through the Molten Lands is a completely different experience than making your way to the summit of Lava Butte. I would suggest that you make time for both. Neither should be rushed for there is so much gorgeous scenery to take in, amidst this volcanic landscape. In the fall/winter the weather systems move in swiftly so be prepared for inclement weather.

Below are some photos taken from Lava Butte

Lava Butte

US Forest Service Fire Lookout and Visitor Center

Lava Butte Summit

Cinder Cone Ridge

Cinder Cone Crater

Cinder Cone Ridge

Mount Bachelor

View from the Butte

Blessings and Signs from Nature,


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