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Monday, November 9, 2015


Glacier National Park, Montana

Something magical happens when I get out in nature. Places that are unfettered, wild and free. Where nothing is contrived, forced, artificial or strained. It's like entering a new dimension where there is a clear conduit to Gaia. A doorway to Universal wisdom. Everything speaks telepathically, our native language. The plants, insects, stones, animals, trees, fairies and earth elements all have a message to convey and healing energy to impart for Divine energy inhabits all creation and cannot be concealed. The colors, ahhh... the colors vibrate at such beautiful frequencies. 

Plum confronts me every which way I turn. It's a rich color that reverberates deep within my soul. An energy transmission that is comforting and healing to my subtle body. Melancholy has been a constant companion this past year, and the plum ray is assisting me in overcoming challenges. Helping me to stay strong, focused and to keep the faith. Some days, sadness wants to follow me everywhere. Other days, I'm not in the mood for company. I can't explain the feeling because I'm blessed beyond measure. Some things don't need intellectualizing or fixing. Just time to sort it all out. I'm learning it's much healthier for me to acknowledge my emotions rather than tucking them deep within. It feels much too heavy. Weighs me down.

I know this: I'm so grateful to be on this planet at this time, and will never take this opportunity for granted. It can be a dark, chaotic place full of rage and pain. It can be a comforting place full of happiness and creative expression. A place where souls are shedding karmic issues and lessons that have served the collective whole well. There is a Divine plan unfolding, and we live in a Universe that is ultimately governed by Love. I'm noticing every moment, the highs and lows, the good and bad, the pain and sorrow, the joy and unconditional love that is a part of me and a part of you. There is so much to explore in life. Adventures to be had. Lessons to be learned. Kindred spirits to meet. Let's live life to the fullest for we are alchemists. Magic makers with the power to create our realities. We live in place where dreams really do come true.

With Love,

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