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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Gift of Sage

The Spirit of high desert sagebrush carries a unique vibration that has been used for ceremonial and medicinal purposes throughout the ages. The dried leaves and woody stems can be burned in homes and sweat lodges, also known as smudging to cleanse and purify dense energy. Some of the medicinal uses include: wound care, headache, cold and bronchitis treatment, fever reducer, medicine bath for body aches, and stopping internal bleeding.

The best time to harvest the medicine of sage is late summer. The silvery-green leaves and strong stems are pulsating with healing energy. In the late fall, the sagebrush blooms then the leaves become dormant and energy is stored in the roots. My intention is to present you with a sagebrush bouquet filled with LOVE, and the natural high desert hues of gold, sage green, and creme. My soul to your soul :) Wishing you all a fabulous holiday season with family and friends!

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Photo by Abigail Guerra


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