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Friday, December 18, 2015


While driving through a snow storm in the Ochoco mountains, I saw these mysterious conifers living harmoniously with each other. This is where I pulled over and stayed awhile. The forest was quiet except for the fierce wind that wrapped around my body, cleansing my aura as the snow kissed my face. I felt alive and happy. Free, so very free. Connected to the infinite and every other living thing. These trees, a captive audience looked at me with curiosity. I looked back and noticed their diverse beauty and distinct personalities. They are all different yet the same, and this encounter got me thinking about things...

Sparks of light cloaked in human flesh, we are creative spirits meant to manifest our soul desires. Humanity often gets bogged down with conformity or paralyzed by fear. Accepting society's definition of who we are, who we need to be. Trying to fit in or gain the approval of others when we really just need to trust ourselves and follow our intuition. It's ok to be different. We must learn to speak our truth in love and embrace our differences for we eternally share a sense of oneness. The time has come to release limitations and become aware that we are the creators of our own life with the ability to harness energy for the greater good. To live from our Divine essence.

We live on a planet that thrives on biodiversity, and our ecosystem is in a very precarious place. When we rape and pillage Mother Earth, we do great harm that has a ripple effect on all life forms. As the old ways of living start to implode, it's imperative that each and every one of us claim our power and express ourselves for we have so much to offer one another. Inspiration, kindness, love, respect, knowledge, and acceptance of uniqueness. We need each other to grow and prosper. Find your gift and set it free, because YOU are something magical!

In Solitude We Find Ourselves,

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