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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Forever Girl

My sister, Jill recently married Michael on May 7, 2016. In honor of their beautiful union and new walk together, I wanted to post a poem that my brother-in-law wrote to my sister. It warms my heart each time that I read it and is a true description of a woman that walks through life with "elegance and grace." Love you both!

My Forever Girl
By Michael Dunn

Her constitution is not derived from the frivolous or the fashion
She is formed of sterner stuff - as truth and unbounded compassion
She shan’t be found at gatherings devoid of substance and fraught with flaunted airs 
She's allergic to such banally flaccid affairs

And she certainly doesn't project a holier than thou demeanor
The solidity of her person is obvious and natural when you meet her
She floats through a room with elegance and grace
And all who are present are enveloped in love's embrace

To be witness to such beauty, is to dance with ecstasy
But to be even a small part of her life is hallowed ground for a man such as me
May never a day go by that I don't consider a precious pearl
As every single moment is heaven that I spend with my Forever Girl



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