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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Snow Drifts

Here I am, just a stick in a snow drift. I've endured many things in life, but not quite like this. - This happened over a period of time and became so heavy. An accumulation of stress and choices. Some choices better than others. Why I persevered through a storm such as this, I'm not sure. There were many opportunities to travel somewhere warmer, brighter. Although, I'm standing strong in the midst of it. The sun is shining on my back, warming my body, easing the pain, and calming my spirit. That's the beautiful thing about it all, there is a force out there that gives us life, nurtures us, gives us a sense of purpose, and a reason to live. All the way from our heads to our roots, this glowing energy gives us a reason to blossom and bloom. As the sun melts the snow off my branches, I'm grateful for where I AM and where I've been in the midst of the heavy snow drifts, yet so excited for spring!

Give Love,

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